Browse the list of nearby Hangouts in the Discover tab and join the ones you are interested in. Next thing you know, there will be a large group assembling at the agreed upon clocation.

Share Hangouts

Use the Share button in the top right hand corner to send the Hangout to your friends. You have the option to send a link through SMS and a variety of apps including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Discord, Slack and more. The more the merrier!

Track Your Live Hangouts

View all the Hangouts you're a part of in the My Hangouts tab. Coordinate with others in your Hangouts to decide on a time and place to meet.

View Hangout Details

On the Discover and My Hangouts tabs you can view the time and location of hangouts, and participant list by clicking on the profile of any user.

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Add Friends

Keep in touch with people you meet in hangouts by adding them to your Favorites list to easily find later.

Send Private Messages

Hangouts has a Messages Page where you can send messages outside of Hangouts to other users, or create a groupchat with several users to share photos from a past Hangout or coordinate plans.

Coordinate Plans

Once you join a Hangout, users will share plans with you or all users will agree on a location that works for everyone.

Change Hangout Details

Any member within a Hangout can edit the Hangout title, time, and location. You can use the built in google maps feature to choose an established spot to meet.

Create Future Events

Create local events for people in DC to join. You can choose the maximum number of people able to join the event.

Discuss Future Events

Chat in event pages to ask about details or make suggestions.

Discover Future Events

Browse future events that people in your area have created and find one you like to meet people in your community!

Share Future Events

Share future events with users in Hangouts or on other platforms with the Share button in the right hand corner.

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Activity Suggestions

There are a list of suggested activities to choose from when you first sign into Hangouts such as grab a beer, go to a museum, watch the game, have a picnic.

You can also use the shuffle button in the top right-hand corner to land on a random activity suggestion.

See Who's Available

At the top of the homepage you can view how many people in your area are available to Hangout.


You can create a new Hangout to do whatever you feel like doing. Be yourself and find your tribe.

If your plans change you can edit your Hangout title, location or time at the top of your Hangout chat page.

Join Your Community

When you have typed in your Hangout activity/title click the Become Available button to make your Hangout visible to other users and allow you to view, browse, and join other peoples' Hangouts.